New Job in Ardleigh, Essex

New Job in Aldham

This week we have started a new job in Ardleigh, Essex. We are repairing movement cracks with lime plaster and repairing the blown plaster with savolit board and lime plaster. Savolit board is a natural panel made of long, strong, wood fibres which are stabilised by chemical impregnation, and  bound by cement-binding agent into a compact structure. They are used as a natural alternative to plasterboard. The mineralisation process increases their fire resistance and they have many benefits which include being sustainable, no harmful gases or vapours are given off, they are naturally resistant to fungus and insects, and are hygroscopic, which means that they level out any changes in humidity. They are also ideal for use in buildings occupied by people sensitive to allergies. From a construction point of view, they are durable, and their surface offers a good base for render and plasters, as well as being compatible with all normal construction materials.