Little Horkesley Update

Last week we talked about our new project in Little Horkesley. Following on from our last blog about sole plates, we have now started to remove the existing sole plates from the side of the property. We treated the timbers with 5 star Cuprinol, and then applied breathable insulation. We allowed an air gap, and then this was followed by treated batten and larch laths.

A lath is a thin strip of wood that provides an ideal background for lime plasters. Larch is a hardwood and is often used in traditional walling and plaster techniques. The technique of using wooden lath was derived from the wattle and daub method that had been used for at least 6000 years.  Using wooden lath was popular from the 1700s to the mid 1900s after which, it became more popular to use modern plasterboard (cost being a huge factor here). Although the technique has slowly died away, there is still a strong demand for it, particularly  when it comes to restoration of heritage and historic buildings. Here at K.E. Jones & Son we are highly experienced in using this traditional method of restoration.